Photo by Nancy Ellison

Photo by Nancy Ellison

‘Andrew Roberts is singular. His White House Lecture was inspired, brilliant, and altogether captivating. Andrew is a gifted, wonderful speaker.’
Timothy Goeglein, former special assistant to the President, and deputy director of the White House Office of Public Liaison

‘Andrew Roberts is brilliant. He’s unique in his ability to call upon his prodigious command of a broad spectrum of historical events while engaging the audience in a way which is hugely entertaining and extremely relevant. His witty, provocative style plays equally well on either side of the Atlantic and he never fails to deliver.’
Jerry del Missier, Co-CEO Barclays Capital and Co-Chief Executive Barclays Corporate and Investment Banking

‘I regard Andrew Roberts as the most brilliant military and political historian now writing in English. He lectured, by invitation, at my Princeton Summer program — by far the most eloquent, even spell-binding lecture (on the Second World War) most of us had ever heard. I commend him to you without qualification.’
General Josiah Bunting III, President of The HF Guggenheim Foundation.

‘Andrew infects audiences with a passion for his topic and they leave feeling both educated and entertained’
James Riley, CFO of Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong

‘We invited Andrew Roberts to give the after dinner speech at our Association of Investment Companies Annual Dinner. This is a prestigious dinner for senior financiers, fund managers, advisers and listed company directors – an audience which is not easy to please. I myself found the talk on Churchill’s use of language in his own speeches informative and entertaining. But perhaps more relevant is the amount of unsolicited positive feedback I received from colleagues and fellow directors both after the dinner and in letters of thanks. He wears his erudition lightly, and is both witty and amusing.’
Carol Ferguson, CEO of the Association of Investment Companies

‘All of us at PCI remember the wonderful presentation that Andrew Roberts gave our Annual Meeting in Orlando last year. Our members and clients were fascinated by what he had to say.’
David Sampson, President of the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America

‘’Andrew Roberts’ speech perfectly intertwined modern political intrigue with researched historical data and his own personal stories of historical leaders. Andrew mixes his vast knowledge of the subject matter into a well versed and entertaining easy-to-follow story for the audience. His use of humor also helps place the audience in comfortable setting. In fact, his prepared remarks, coupled with his off the cuff comments and reactions, entertained our audience to the point of a standing ovation during his speech: a first for our group.’
Charles R. Jonas III, Chairman, The May 20th Society, Charlotte, NC

‘Andrew Roberts brings to his audiences the best of his exceptional historical scholarship, captivating and engaging them with fascinating narratives which he presents with clarity and a most pleasant demeanor.’
Diane Sehler, Director of Academic, International, and Cultural Programs of the The Bradley Institute

‘Andrew Roberts made an outstanding presentation to Campden’s Families in Business Conference in Barcelona; entertaining, thought-provoking and, of course, eloquent. It was very well received by the audience of international business leaders.’
John Learmonth, founder: Campden Publishing Ltd

‘Andrew Roberts ranks as one of the foremost military historians of his generation. He came to the Alexander Hamilton Institute highly recommended as a lecturer. He exceeded raised expectations. Behind the lectern, he dazzles with an unusual combination of erudition, wit, and charm. Cicero reminds us that great orators are rare because of the difficulty of the art. In Andrew Roberts, the art has found a master and commander.’
Robert L. Paquette, Co-founder, Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization

‘Andrew Roberts is among the most gifted public speakers of our time. He manages to combine an encyclopedic command of political history with a wry and winning delivery. The Roman poet Horace advised his fellow scribes to delight as well as instruct: Andrew Roberts does both with seeming effortlessness. He is a rhetorical draught of champagne, entertaining, enlightening, elevating, and even electrifying. He possesses in the highest degree that sublime articulateness that some British speakers master at an early age. We have sponsored many public speakers through The New Criterion: none has engaged audiences more thoroughly than Andrew Roberts.’
Roger Kimball, Co-Editor of The New Criterion

‘Andrew Roberts is a powerful, entertaining and original speaker, particularly in his chosen areas of expertise : history, politics and current affairs, and knowledge of the great men and women of our times. He has spoken at our Foyles Literary Luncheons, and, most recently, at our Anniversary Dinner to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Foyles Literary Luncheons, and his speech was outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a superlative speaker.’
Christopher Foyle, Chairman of Foyles

‘I have selected speakers several times a year for over a decade and have never found one that can match Andrew Roberts’ breadth of knowledge, command of subject matter and showmanship. In a guest speaker if you want someone who: knows his material, knows his client, knows the audience (not always the same thing) and can deliver remarks that fit the occasion; then you want Andrew Roberts. His knowledge of history is literally encyclopedic. With that foundation; he has a rare ability to teach, motivate and entertain in varied measure as the occasion demands. I would and have recommended Andrew Roberts without hesitation.’
Eric Petersen, Chairman of The Other Other Club, Wisconsin

‘Andrew Roberts is compelling and passionate on stage. He’s provocative, entertaining and challengingly revisionist.’
Peter Florence, Chairman of Hay Literary Festival

‘When Andrew Roberts kindly addressed our Livery Dinner which was attended by over 235 Liverymen and their guests, he spoke of our trade and found through his research some fascinating facts that were new and of great interest to the assembled audience. His words were delivered with clarity and humour. The evening was a great success, not least because of his fascinating speech . I would commend anyone considering asking him to address an audience to grab him !!’
Rupert Hambro, Prime Warden of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths