‘A futuristic story of fear, suspense and a dash of sex … stylishly and
entertainingly done . clever and eminently readable Roberts’ wit sparkles.Matthew Parris The Sunday Times

‘This certainly thrills. I had difficulty in retrieving my review copy from several visitors who ‘couldn’t put it down.’ Peter Lilley The Literary Review

‘There is a good joke and a serious message on almost every page of this controversial new thriller… It is a tribute to his imaginative powers that Roberts has eschewed zealotry and written an entertaining thriller and an unremittingly funny book.’ Dominic Hobson The Catholic Herald

‘Roberts the novelist has been allowed to canter the course and the result is a sustained polemic.’ Douglas Hurd The Times

‘It is witty, satirical and fun, but it also carries a serious message… Employing the technique of a classic whodunnit, complete with a dead body in the first sentence, Roberts has written a cliff-hanger which keeps the reader guessing until the very end.’ Lady Annabel Goldsmith The Spectator

‘This is Andrew Roberts’ first novel and. rather as though one has stumbled on a murder mystery by Thomas Carlyle or a Derrida Reader edited by Lord Archer, it is surprising to find he has done it all. But I am glad he did.’ John Patten The Sunday Telegraph

‘This is a gripping novel about the European superstate… Fast-moving and ingenious… This is required reading for all those who like their facts served up as fiction… Double value – a thriller worthy of Le Carre and an historical analysis worthy of Trevor-Roper.’ Bill Cash The Mail on Sunday

‘Andrew Roberts has turned his nightmare vision of a Britain under the yoke of a federal Europe superstate into a cracking thriller… ‘The Aachen Memorandum’ is a rattling good yarn which would make an entertaining movie or mini-series.’ Richard Littlejohn The Daily Mail

‘Roberts’ courageous protagonist is adorably vulnerable, chubby and asthmatic – but naturally overpoweringly attractive to certain beautiful women.’ Peter Bradshaw The Evening Standard

”The Aachen Memorandum’ is not so much a parable warning against the dangers of a technological police state as a pamphlet aimed at two much more topical targets; political correctness and European federation.’ Gerald Kaufman The Daily Telegraph

‘Here we have the first Tory Euro-phobic thriller about ‘identity’ – British identity, crushed by a future United States of Europe…’ Ian Buruma The Obsever

‘The narrative sweeps along to a surprising and exciting climax.’Merrie Cave Salisbury Review

‘The BBC should turn ‘The Aachen Memorandum’ into a mini-series.’ Garry Bushell The Sun

‘There is deceit and counter-deceit, sex and drugs (both in moderation…) and lots and lots of B-team fogeyism.’ John TurnerThe Times Literary Supplement

‘Mr Andrew Roberts, the distinguished historian, recently wrote a novel, set in the next century, called The Aachen Memorandum, in which he described a situation in which civil unrest started in this country when the people found that they were unable to change the laws of this country in their own interests . I believe it is a warning.’Rt Hon Norman Lamont, Hansard, House of Commons, 21st March 1996