‘In his new biography, Andrew Roberts, one of the most accomplished historians at work today, does his best to show that the glory of the would-be conqueror of the world was preeminently useful. That he fails to prove his point does not in the least detract from the quality of a book that is – let it be sad at one – magnificent. … Roberts’ book, though always scrupulous in its scholarship, has a charm and vividness more akin to picaresque romance than to sober history. The spectacle is as fascinating to study through the medium of Roberts’s graceful prose as it would have been harrowing to experience first hand. All in all, this book is a masterly revelation of an extraordinary fate.’
Michael Knox Beran, National Review

‘Napoleon may be the most written-about human being in history. But perhaps none has taken to the task with greater zeal than Andrew Roberts, the much-garlanded British historian, whose admiration for his subject infuses and enlivens this brilliant new biography. Roberts is an uncommonly gifted writer, capable of synthesizing vast amounts of material and rendering it in clear, elegant prose. The result is a thrilling tale of military and political genius, and easily the finest one-volume biography of Napoleon in English.’
Michael Bishop, Washington Post

‘Napoleon is the most well-rounded and nuanced biography of this astonishing man to be had. And at 976 pages, it is not a comma too long.’
John Steele Gordon, Commentary

‘The distinguished historian Andrew Roberts has written his greatest book to date and made an important contribution to the vast Napoleonic literature. His Napoleon: A Life is a monument of research and organization, adheres to the author’s well-established high stylistic standard, and reaches a new summit of thorough and balanced treatment of probably the most gigantic personality in the history of the world, (barring those widely regarded as partially divine). The book was aptly named and so worthy of its subject, it too will be regarded as a great biography in a very crowded field.’
Conrad Black, The New Criterion

‘Roberts brilliantly conveys the sheer energy and presence of Napoleon the organizational and military whirlwind who, through crisp and incessant questioning, sized up people and problems and got things done. His dynamism shines in Roberts’ set-piece chapters on major battles like Austerlitz, Jena and Marengo.’
Duncan Kelly, New York Times

‘Roberts is a gifted author with a long list of military history bestsellers to his name. His latest effort, Napoleon: A Life, was a joy to read. Rarely have eight hundred pages gone by so fast. But the work is serious, based on a comprehensive grasp of Napoleonic scholarship, as well as archival research and dozens of battlefield walks.’
Rafe Blaufarb, Military History Quarterly

‘“The historian, like the orator,” Roberts quotes Napoleon as saying, “must persuade. He must convince.” I, for one, am convinced. A fascinating read.’
Chris Schluep, Amazon Best Book of the Month

Napoleon the Great is a fitting biography of one of the most influential individuals in modern history.’
Kit Gillet, South China Morning Post

‘This is a definitive account that dispels many of the myths that surrounded Napoleon from his lifetime to the present day.’
Publishers Weekly

‘This voluminous work is likely to set the standard for subsequent accounts of Napoleon’s life. It should appeal widely to readers of all types.’
Library Journal

‘The narrative is spellbinding, bordering visual. … Napoleon: A Life deserves a place on every military professional’s bookshelf, if only because it so transcends military history. Andrew Roberts has written something that has been universally described as “the final word” on one of history’s most important figures.’
Colonel Vince Goulding, Marine Corps Gazette