As an honorary vice-president of the Guild of Battlefield Guides, Andrew has a close and ongoing interest in the preservation of battlefields. He also occasionally takes paying groups to visit them on a bespoke basis. The ones he has visited in the course of his researches include:

War of Spanish Succession

American War of Independence
Lexington, Concord, Brandywine and Yorktown

Napoleon’s Battles of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
Toulon, Montenotte, Millesimo, Dego, Mondovi, Lodi, Lonato, Castiglione, Primolano, Bassano, Rovereto, Mantua, Arcole, Rivoli, Mount Tabor, Jaffa, Kakoun, Acre, Marengo, Ulm, Austerlitz, Jena, Eylau, Friedland, Somosierra, Abensberg, Landshut, Eckmühl, Ratisbon, Aspern-Essling, Wagram, Borodino, Maloyaroslavets, Berezina, Lützen, Bautzen, Reichenbach, Dresden, Leipzig, Brienne, La Rothière, Champaubert, Montmirail, Château-Thierry, Vauchamps, Montereau, Craonne, Laon, Reims, Arcis-sur-Arbe, St Dizier, Ligny and Waterloo

Wellington’s battles of the Peninsular War
Talevera, Albuera, Badajoz, Campo Mayor, El Boden, Fuenteguinaldo, Almeida, the Coa, Fuentes d’Onoro, Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca, Garcia Hernandez and the Lines of Torres Vedras

Crimean War
The Alma, Inkerman, Balaklava and Sebastapol

American Civil War
Fort Sumter, Bull Run, Vicksburg, Gettysburg and the Appomattox Court House

US-Indian War
The Little Bighorn

Zulu War
Isandhlwana and Rorke’s Drift

The First World War
Lone Pine and Hill 60, Gallipoli;
The Lochnagar Crater; Beaumont-Hamel British Cemetery; the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme and the Thiepval Anglo-French Cemetery; the Leipzig Redoubt; the Pozières British Cemetery; the Cléry-sur-Somme Nécropole Nationale; the Dantzig Alley British Cemetery; Devonshire Cemetery Mansell Copse; Montauban; Deutscher Soldatenhof Fricourt; the Musée Somme in Albert; Orvillers British Cemetery; the Schwaben Redoubt; Connaught Cemetery; Mill Road Cemetery; Newfoundland War Memorial Park at Beaumont Hamel; the Y Ravine Cemetery; Hunters Cemetery; Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No.2; Bapaume Post Military Cemetery; Serre Road Cemetery Nos.1, 2 and 3; Serre-Hébuterne Nécropole Nationale; the Railway Hollow Cemetery; the Sheffield Memorial Park; Railway Hollow Cemetery; Queen’s Cemetery; Luke Copse British Cemetery; Gommecourt Wood New Cemetery; Gommecourt British Cemetery No 2

The Second World War
The Maginot Line, Dunkirk, RAF Uxbridge, RAF East Kirby & RAF Coltishall, Berchtesgaden, Moscow, Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), Jakovlelv and Prokhorovka (on the Kursk salient), Crimean U-boat pens, Anzio, Monte Cassino, Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Kachanaburi death camp on the River Kwai, Hitler’s HQ the Wolfsschanze in Poland, and the five Normandy beaches and their environs

The Cold War
D-9 Minuteman 2 launch silo in South Dakota and the Sebastapol submarine base in the Crimea