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The Storm Of War

‘Splendid history. A brilliantly clear and accessible account of the war in all its theaters. Roberts's descriptions of soldiers and officers are masterly and humane, and his battlefield set pieces are as gripping as any I have read. He has visited many of the battlefields, and has an unusually good eye for detail as well as a painterly skill at physical description. . He is just as much at home at sea as on land; from Midway to El Alamein his prose is unerringly precise and strikingly vivid. It is hard to imagine a better-told military history of World War II. Though the counterfactuals in Roberts's conclusion provoke thought, the real interest of his book resides in its robustly conventional virtues scholarly dedication to the sources, humane identification with the soldiers and remarkably effective prose. ’
Timothy Snyder, The New York Times Book Review

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